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Animals Real and Imagined

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Animals Real and Imagined: A fantastic visual voyage into the world of animals, both real and imagined. There is no end to the diverse and unique creatures that Terryl Whitlatch creates for us with her solid knowledge of anatomy and boundless imagination. Especially intriguing are the 100s of anatomical notes that are

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Principles of Creature Design

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Designing a captivating creature simply for it to exist against a white background and going no further is a purely academic exercise. Designing a creature that can survive in a world, interact with its own and other species, and go on to make an impact, is designing with intent.

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Science of Creature Design

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What is creature design? We all have a notion—mostly consisting of evocative images of otherworldly beings galloping, swimming, flying, and often attacking the hero of an epic film or story. But what makes a creature believable? In the follow-up to her best seller, Animals Real and Imagined: The Fantasy

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The Katurran Odyssey

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The Katurran Odyssey is an epic tale of faith, hope, and selfless heroism of a courageous young lemur named Katook, illuminated by the stunning illustrations of Terryl Whitlatch, one of the world’s most celebrated creature designers, and brought to dynamic life by the storytelling of author David Michael Wieger.

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